Issue 3 of GIRLS ILLUSTRATED magazine

£ 4.00 each


 "GIRLS ILLUSTRATED" is an 8 page luxury slightly gloss visual magazine based all around happiness and wellbeing of primary aged girls. Here's issue 3.

I have been inspired to bring out a magazine for young girls for a while, something they can read and enjoy as well as be inspied by the artwork, pictures and quotes inside.

It includes a section on an "inspirational woman' and each issue is colourful, bright and interactive. this copy includes learning about flags, dog breeds,  a crossword and a letter from me to finish. If you have a young girl or know young girls that love visual learning and enjoy pictures, games and stories then this is the magazine for you. Primary schools and helth clinics are also onboard so hopefully you'll see a few issues around locally!

Eventually this will become a quarterly magazine and will be able to be bought as a subscription, but in the early stages each magazine will be sold seperatley.

I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to tag me in all your photos @itsmadebyleah.

Thank you all x